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Vista Explorer 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Tripod Bag

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Featuring quick release leg locks and 3 way pan head, this tripod is a breeze to set up. Already said tripod bag included. Eventually the Explorer Tripod is perfect for digital, video and still cameras up to 4 pounds. A fascinating idea extra leg support offers better stability. Utilizing a geared center post, this extends from 22 to 60 giving great range. Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S. Item Weight: 3 pounds. Shipping Weight: 4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies).

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Camera Tripod Reviews 2012

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Kristen: Better than expected at this price. I have yet to encounter a shot I couldn’t get. The thighs are in 3 areas and are completely adaptable from 45 - 120cm with a securing receiver on the main pillar to keep them strongly in position and this is very important. I sort of wish I’d gone with a ball-mount tripod rather than the 3 way adjuster but most ball mounts were beyond my desired price range. All the tightning nuts can all be adjusted by hand too, including the piece that connects to the camera(ive seen some tripods that require a screwdriver). I can attach it to my rebel camera bag with no problems. It does sound painful but lastly, there’s a connect at the end to dangle loads from for additional balance, the tripod will carry up to 3.5Kg.Big plus for me because i like to point my camera at the sky.

Lakisha: On TV they said that injections come out distinct even with lengthy visibility periods of Thirty a few moments outside. My better half is very pleased with this camera tripod. You can point it in any direction and orient the camera how you like. I shoot with a Nikon D80 and a 18-200 VR lens so stability was also important. All in all, this is a terrific starter tripod or spare you can toss around, leave in the car etc for a very affordable price. I was concerned that my camera body and lens are heavy enough that I wouldn’t be able to use it in a portrait orientation without tipping over. Beware of however, the issue occurs when using bulkier zoom capability contacts. Quick hang hook.

Allison: The camera tripod seems to be very durable and strong and I feel that we can rely on it for several years to come. Not sure about durability since I’ve only had a short period of time but like I mentioned before, at the current sales price a tripod bag will cost you nearly the same amount. I just desired to buy a easy tripod to try things out so went with this one as it checked plenty. This tripod is sturdy, and can be set up very quickly. Ability to rotate in all directions. The situation is great too. At the appropriate tightness, you can move the camera very smoothly and it will stay in place when you let go, but make sure its not too loose. The tripod itself has awesome brown coloured aluminum thighs but everything else such as the fast launch grabs are created of nasty - Cheap nasty that make breaking appears to be as soon as you use a bit of stress as many people know.

Matthew: Able to hold decent sized DSLR not just super light weight point and shoot models. From my experience however, you have to wonder how lengthy it will last with all the important, regularly used areas of the tripod created of inexpensive nasty such as the grabs on the thighs, the go itself and other joint areas. The camera tripod does what it says.. I re This low cost tripod came up as a promotional offer when purchasing a camera so I really wasn’t expecting much since the price was so low.Ability to set-up on non level surface. Quick connect/disconnect feature. Im very happy with this tripod. I’m in the midst of a 365 project (1 self portrait every day for a year) so the freedom of a tripod has greatly expanded my photo possibilities. This is my first tripod purchase and my biggest priority was portability because I know that if my tripod weighed too much, I just wouldn’t bother carrying it.Honestly, cranked up high, its a bit rocky but doable, at least on a flat surface in my house.

Latonya: Quick launch grabs are used to give the thighs and carry them into position , that is useful.I’m not sure I’d trust it on a rocky slope. From our research bUILD & DESIGN Starting the big bright box it comes in, you’ll find a free bag and the tripod itself. Many people said the tripod itself continues to be stable enough but even with everything stiffened, I discovered the go isn’t company enough to remain still as soon as the shutter goes off to take the image. I also got this tripod with my camera on a promotional offer and didnt expect much but i was surprised in how versatile and sturdy it is.Someone can say that there are two soul stage - A identify one near the manage and a range one on the go itself. I would recommend Amazon and this camera tripod to a friend. Decent little canvas bag.So far so good though. In common language we can say that all these joint areas creates establishing up and placing away the tripod fast and easy. Someone said that there are also two nasty products on the main pillar - One at the end near the connect that you can freeze to avoid the tripod ending up and, one at the top where you can turn a little manage to give the size further.

Todd: I figured the tripod bag would cost nearly that much so decided to give it a try. PROS: -very lightweight and portable -bag is a great bonus even though its minimal -possible to use in portrait orientation with a Nikon D80 and zoom lens (just be careful.) CONS: -less stable than I was hoping for -3 way adjuster takes some getting used to Overall, I am fairly satisfied with the tripod. At the telephoto end of 300mm photos come out blurry. Switching up the ISO establishing so that you can reduced the visibility time repairs the issue but, this failures the factor of using a tripod in the first position of course is a really good idea. However, down the road I’m sure I’ll desire a more substantial pro-style one.This should have a little life in it and can double for other uses later. As someoane can say individually I’ve never discovered a use for any of the specs really. Is good to know that this also indicates it is not perfect for light function or when you have to media the shutter option yourself. The locking mechanisms allow you to control how tight or loose you want to be able to move your camera very well.

Allison: While by no means is this a professional model, it is an excellent value for an affordable starter tripod or spare. I bought this camera tripod on line based on very good reviews without ever having seen it. Features: Relatively lightweight - certainly not in the lightest class but sturdy and still manages to remain light enough to not tire for standard use. Lightweight yet relatively durable tripod for digital cams and digital cams, it’s completely adjustable/lockable with quick-release grabs on the thighs. It’s a nice starting point. It appears upon self-levelling silicone toes which make a pie impact of 84cm per part when started out to highest possible is a good idea. And it packs up nicely. Good spread - fairly steady.

Brendan: The adjustments achieve all the same motions of a ball, it just takes a little more effort to perf.


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American settlers also used guns and protected themselves and their family’s from Indian attacks, claim jumpers, and much more. If they had outlawed guns because Billy the Kid killed some people where would we be today? Still living on the west coast, ruled by England?

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Aside from split screens, my favorite iTerm 2 feature is its ability to cancel a restart.

Just enable Confirm Quit iTerm2 (⌘Q) in iTerm’s preferences and cancel when prompted to quit upon restart.

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Lately I just feel like drawing sweet things.

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